13.60 Platform Trailer (Aluminium)

Technical Features

CHASSIS: It is produced from automatic gas metal source machines with “I cut” highly resistible. The overloads have been taken into account in resistance calculations.

SHAFT: AKS Group with 3*12 carriage capacity, brake control lever (Optional Brand).

AIR SUSPENSION: It includes height adjustment system with lifting and landing, parabolic Z Scissors and limiting excessive shaft movement.

FRONT SHAFT LIFTING: It is produced from hardened aluminum side system with box cut or ST52 A1 quality iron plate products.

BRAKE: İt has been designed in accordance with European standards. WABCO,KNORR and HALDEX products are used in the hardware. Automatic brake ratchets, brake valves, brake fans (30 cylinder), Brake linings (394*210 mm). Shaft Brakes are equipped with EBS system. There are two replaceable and protected Brake Sockets in front of trailers.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM: LED lighting system in accordance with ECE 76/756 regulations with 2x7+15 pins.

FOOT: Double cycle mechanic foot each of which has 24 tons carriage capacity.

TIRE: 6+1 tires in the size of 385/65-R22,5.

BASEMENT: Fenolic durable 30 mm thick resin coated plywood floor is used (imported). Or wood or iron plate basement coverage can be used.

KING-PIN: It is produced from forged steel in accordance with 2'' SAE/DIN norms, resistible to high level of tension, ruptures. Thanks to its screw connections, it is practical to be replaced.

COVERS: Hardened aluminum side system with box cut.

FRONT PANEL: It is produced from hardened sheet side system with box cut or iron sheet products.

PAINTING: After the whole surface are cleaned with water and chemical cleaning fluid under high pressure, they are covered with phosphate and after sanding, two layers of epoxy primer is covered and the last two layers are painted with acrylic painting and the ossification in the oven is provided. They are highly resistible against chemical interactions. Optional color can be chosen from RAL codes.