On Board Oval Rock Tipper

Technical Features

AUXILIARRY CHASSIS: It is made of NPU material and supported with ST52 A1 quality material.

UPPER CHASSIS: It is made of NPU materials in 30 cm intervals.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: (Æ75-Æ095)4 grade, 4.500 stroke hydraulic telescopic cylinder, SAE 100R2 hydraulic hose, power take-off PTO in compliance with vehicle, hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic direction valve (by-pass system), 120 liters oil tank.

BASEMENT: It is optionally produced in the sizes of 4-5-6-8-10 mm. It is made of ST52 HARDOX-Aluminum material.

SIDE BOARD: It is made of ST 52 material. Optionally it can be produced with 1-2 covers.

FRONT BOARD: It is made of ST 52 material and nacelle for tent and tools.

BACK COVER: It is made of ST 52 material.

PAINTING: After the whole surface are cleaned with water and chemical cleaning fluid under high pressure, they are covered with phosphate and after sanding, two layers of epoxy primer is covered and the last two layers are painted with acrylic painting and the ossification in the oven is provided. They are highly resistible against chemical interactions. Optional color can be chosen from RAL codes.